The Bachelor’s Nick & Cass Were Together A LOT Longer Than We Thought

NOW do you see why she was in love?!

The Bachelor’s Nick & Cass Were Together A LOT Longer Than We Thought Network Ten

According to a new interview from The Bachelor’s Cassandra Wood, she was in a fling with Nick Cummins a lot longer than we all thought. 

Now 24, Cass spoke to Yahoo Be, saying that both she and Nick shared an on-again-off-again five month fling, which began over a year ago on her 23rd birthday. 

“I was going out for my birthday and he just came and met me for a drink and ended up meeting my brother and that was the start of everything.

“It was about August to Christmas-New Year’s time last year, but that was on and off because he was away and so was I.”

Cass then spoke with Mamamia, saying it’s not easy to label what their relationship was. 

“It’s so hard to put a label on it… we weren’t boyfriend and girlfriend because we didn’t officially ‘go out’ or anything, so I’m not sure.

“We had some really nice moments together [on the outside], we went on a few dates and spent time with each other, he met my brother and I met his, but Nick was travelling and I was travelling, so it was on-and-off. When we were back in town, we’d catch up and go to dinner, but I couldn’t put a label on it. All I can say is he and I both know what it was and it was nice.”

As to the HOW of her meeting Nick’s brother on the Gold Coast?

“We both ended up being on the Gold Coast visiting family.

“I was going for a surf and he just came down with his brother because he was around and it was finally a time we were both in the same place so we caught up.

“I met his brother, had a drink and it was lovely.”

NOW do you all see why Cass had such strong feelings?

We’re still heartbroken for her… but we hope he finds someone who appreciates all she is!


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