The Bachelor’s Laura FINALLY Responds To Looking Like 'Georgia Love'

Answered with grace!

The Bachelor’s Laura FINALLY Responds To Looking Like 'Georgia Love' Channel Ten

Ever since Laura Byrne stepped out of her limo and entered Matty J’s life on The Bachelor, everyone has been talking about how much she looks like Matty’s former love-interest: Georgia Love


Matty unfortunately didn’t win Georgia’s heart, but he seems to be winning everyone’s heart on his season of The Bachelor

We’ve all been thinking about what this Georgia-look alike thing means in the long run and whether Laura notices it herself, so one fan took to Laura’s Instagram to ask her exactly this!

“Did you know,” the fan began, “You get likened to Georgia Love and Kate Middleton quite a bit? 

“I think you look more like Kate including the mannerisms (a compliment!).”


Many of our fave television stars won’t reply to much on the net, but Laura replied with grace. 

"Haha heard it on the grape vine. There are definitely worse people in the world to be compared to. I think it’s a compliment too.”


Laura’s continuing to prove she’s full of grace and we reckon she might just be one of the last few standing to vie for Matty’s love. 

Who do YOU think will win his heart this season?!

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