The Bachelor’s Elise Is Fearful Of Ending Up Like Matty J In The Finale

Does this mean she doesn't win?

The Bachelor’s Elise Is Fearful Of Ending Up Like Matty J In The Finale Network Ten

The Bachelor’s Elise has made it to the final three in the quest to find love with Matty J, but the former Hockeyroo says she had some major reservations about heading into the finale. 

We have no idea why Channel 10 has allowed the ladies who are still in the competition to do interviews this year, but whatever their reason, we are getting some major juice out of this. 

The latest comes from Elise who has opened up to Confidential about her skepticism and fears about Matty J and the whole Bachie process. 

“That’s my biggest fear going through this,” Elsie told the publication, “that he might not be genuine in the things that he’s saying and that this process might not be genuine. 

“That is always at the back of your head and for me as a strong independent woman, I would hate to have the wool pulled over my eyes. It would be the biggest defeat for me.

“On our first date I said I’m well aware that your heart could already be taken by someone and I’m uneasy about the fact that this could be a waste of time. 

"He said right back to me to appease my feelings, ‘all it can take is one date’ and I know that better than anyone, so that made me buy into sticking around that little bit longer.”

With a late surge as a real contender to win, Elise’s journey has been compared to Matty’s on the Bachelorette… which kind of doesn’t turn out the best. 

“When people say ‘you’re the Matty J’, I don't like it that much because I don't like seeing what he went through and I would hate to be that person.

“I’m like, he’s the one who fell in love and got his heart broken, that’s not ideal for me. So while it’s good to come out of no where, I knew that he didn't have Georgia’s heart in the end and that could very much be the position that I find myself in." 

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