Telv's Mother Says MAFS Producers Told Him To Stay With Sarah On The Show

She spilled some tea...

Telv's Mother Says MAFS Producers Told Him To Stay With Sarah On The Show Channel Nine

Again, we know you're all over Married At First Sight but when interesting things happen, it's our job to report back to you all because you know deep down in your heart of hearts that you want to know what's happening with Sarah and Telv.

So, over the weekend, Sarah took to Instagram to announce that she and Telv were no longer together, but now, a parent has stepped in saying that they were going to be over a long time ago.

Telv's mother spoke with The Daily Mail and told them that if her son had his way, he and Sarah would have been over before the final commitment ceremony, but MAFS producers convinced him to stick around.

“They (the producers) were coercing him into doing something which he basically didn’t want and that was to do the re-commitment ceremony."


According to her, the couple actually split in December and not on Valentine's Day as Sarah claimed.

"They asked him to stay because of the show. He wanted to leave the show in November.”

Apparently, Telv isn't too happy about how it all happened, either...

"I suppose his feeling… what’s the word, when you feel pushed into things? He’s not very happy about the way it all happened (but) he takes things in his stride and doesn’t like to dwell on them too much.’"

You KNOW you needed to know about this...


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