Survivor’s Henry Attempts To Explain Why He Switched To The Other Tribe

It was a very random move.

Survivor’s Henry Attempts To Explain Why He Switched To The Other Tribe Channel Ten

Australian Survivor’s Henry was one half of a power couple on Asaga with Jacqui, and also had possession of an idol. He seemed to be in an incredibly strong position, with very little chance of being voted out before the inevitable merge.   

So it came as a total shock when Asaga was told they had to send two members over to Samatau and Henry volunteered to change tribes.  


Unsurprisingly no one questioned Ben’s decision to swap after he had been branded “useless” by multiple members of Asaga. 

Henry has tried to explain his reasoning, and you’ve got to admit it makes sense.

“There were a couple of reasons. As it stands, I had 100 percent control at Asaga,” Henry told Popsugar. “I'd built great relationships with Jacqui, Kent, Sarah, Odette, even Ben and Michelle — so I had the vast majority, but zero control at Samatau.

“I knew it'd be powerful if I could go over there with Ben. I figured I had him as a shield and an idol, and I thought taking my physical abilities from Asaga and adding them to the likes of Locky and Ziggy, would really make us dominate challenges. I didn't think we'd head to Tribal much. So I figured, if I could get to the merge, put myself on the bottom and survive that, then I'd have information, alliances and relationships built both in Asaga and Samatau — and I'd be in the most powerful position in the game.”

Henry is clearly playing a strong game this season, but will he go far? He's a fan of the game, telling Channel Ten in an official interview that it "has been a dream to play this since early on in the US version". We're excited to see what he does next.

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