Sticks Has Welcomed A Baby Boy Into The World!

The very first 'Block' baby!

Sticks Has Welcomed A Baby Boy Into The World! Channel Nine

Last week on The Block, NSW carpenter Sticks got a call from his wife saying that she had gone into labour.

When you are a contestant on the show, you're away from your family for quite a while, but despite being midway through filming the show and a massive room, Sticks asked his wife if he "should be packing his bag".


The Block flew Sticks from Melbourne back to Sussex Inlet, NSW where his wife was on her way to the hospital.


Now, a week after we saw Sticks land back home, he's announced that he now has a little boy in his life!

Lani Chase Crocker was born just after Sticks touched down and although everyone assumed he wouldn't make it to the birth, he told Woman's Day he was very happy he made it back to be with his wife, Terri.

"We’d planned on me not being there for the birth, so Terri’s mum was on standby."

Terri also said that she was relieved to have Sticks by her side when Lani was born.

“I was on edge for the last few weeks so when I heard Sticks was coming home it was a relief."


On last night's episode, we saw Sticks' teammate Wombat tackle the master bedroom all on his own, but luckily, everything worked out well for him.


Congratulations on your new baby boy, Sticks!