Sorry Davina: Ryan From MAFS Has Been Spotted With Another Bride! 

Spoiler Alert!

Sorry Davina: Ryan From MAFS Has Been Spotted With Another Bride!  Channel Nine

This season of Married At First Sight has delivered some of the best episodes of reality TV Australia has ever seen, but the juicy drama hasn’t just been reserved for the screen.

Already we’ve seen leaked photos of one bride and groom who ditched their TV partners to become a new couple (click here to see the photos), and of course, on screen we saw bride Davina make a very good attempt to steal Tracey’s husband, Dean.

But now yet ANOTHER case of couple swapping has gone down.


With MAFS being the highest rating program on TV right now, it’s kind of hard to go grocery shopping together and not get spotted by viewers.

But, that’s exactly what Ryan and Ashely have done!

Yes, the bride and groom who were both set up with the most difficult partners seem to have found each other instead.

Fan Adam Zerafa has posted three sneaky videos of the two leaving a grocery store in Marsden, even stopping to take a snap with one of the workers who ran out and asked for a photo!

Take a look:


Do you think these two are a couple or just mates? Should they have been paired up from the start? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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