Sophie Monk Opens Up About Sex In The Bachelorette Mansion

She shares all.

Sophie Monk Opens Up About Sex In The Bachelorette Mansion Channel 10

In a recent interview, the new Bachelorette Sophie Monk has shared her opinion on sex in the mansion. 

Speaking to NWSophie Monk basically guaranteed that we can throw any hopes of a promiscuous season out the window! 

"Oh, that's gross, I could not do that on TV. In America it's so full on, like 'Change the sheets!'" she revealed. 

Sophie has revealed in her Bachelorette promo that while she tends to play quite promiscuous roles, she's not at all like that in real life, however, that's not the only reason as to why she doesn't want to get so intimate on TV. 

"What I loved about [The Bachelorette Au] was that you're not doing it.

"You have to form a friendship, whereas in normal life you might do it earlier and that could change everything, especially for women! I think men are different but, for me, after sex, I fall straight away.

"So yeah, being patient, it’s just the best," she said candidly. 


Sophie's season of The Bachelorette premieres next Wednesday at 7.30pm on Channel 10! 

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