Sophie Monk Opens Up About Her Worst Kiss On The Bachelorette

"I was almost gagging"

Sophie Monk is about to hit our screens on The Bachelorette, but how did she find all that kissing on the show?

Sophie opened up to hit105's Stav, Abby and Matt With Osher about how many guys she kissed while filming those romantic one-on-one dates.

"Is it bad that I can't even count?" Sophie asked. "It was maybe one date I didn't... You have to kiss them, you don't know otherwise! I went in going 'I'm not going to' and first date in I was like 'whoops' and second, yep." 

Sophie also revealed that there was some very good kisses - but not all of them were great. 

"There were a couple of bad where my tongue just retracted and I felt like I was going to dry-reach 'cos he had the longest weirdest tongue, I don't know what it was doing in my mouth. But it wasn't like a kiss, it was like it was vibrating everywhere and I was almost gagging."

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