Sophie Monk Left SPEECHLESS As Stu Drops A Bombshell

Will he change it?

Sophie Monk Left SPEECHLESS As Stu Drops A Bombshell Channel Ten

The Bachelorette is almost coming to a close and we all have our fingers crossed for Sophie Monk to choose our fave Bachelor as her true love…

On last night’s episode, though, she was left speechless when Stu Laundy revealed some news that shocked her. 

He has been tipped as the fave to win the series, and he revealed to Sophie that he has had a vasectomy, which seemed to conflict with Sophie’s previously mentioned desire to have children one day. 

Stu had struggled with telling Sophie, before saying, “Don’t you get what I’m saying? I’ve had a vasectomy.”


Sophie was left speechless and mouthed ‘sh@#’ towards to camera, before later speaking to camera and revealing this could affect the outcome of the show. 

"I can't believe he's had a vasectomy. He knows I want children. I'm really, really confused now with Stu 'cause I want a future that lasts forever. I want to settle down and have a family. But now it's getting very complicated. That's massive.”

'I was married and had four beautiful kids and then I had a vasectomy,' Stu revealed to TV Week.

Despite having had the procedure, Stu revealed that he WOULD reverse it for Sophie, "I would easily go there if the need arose - I love kids more than life itself."

We will have to see how this one pans out… 

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