SOLD: Australia, Here Are Your Block Winners For 2017!


SOLD: Australia, Here Are Your Block Winners For 2017! Channel Nine

Yes, after about 70,632 episodes, The Block Season 13 has finally come to an end with an explosive auction finale. 

This season we saw Jason & Sarah, Clint & Hannah, Georgia & Ronnie, Sticks & Wombat and Elyse & Josh fight it out (competitively and personally) in a season full of heroes, villains and drama. 

Premiering on July 30, The Block has dominated ratings. The home reno show took out the number one rating spot for its time slot consecutively since September 4th, all four nights of the week it airs! 

So how did it all culminate?

Well, going into the finale, Elyse & Josh were tipped as favourites to win and that’s exactly what happened! 

Josh & Elyse, Jason & Sarah, and Ronnie & Georgia all had reserve prices of $2,620,000, whilst Sticks & Wombat and Hannah & Clint had to pass $2,520,000. 

After tense negotiations between the couples as to which order the houses would be auctioned off in (with Sticks & Wombat and Ronnie & Georgia flipping a coin for the third spot!) the following order was established: 

1. Josh & Elyse - sold for $3,067,000 with a profit of $447,000!! 

2. Jason & Sarah - sold for $3,007,000 with a profit of $387,000

3. Sticks & Wombat - sold for $2,650,000 with a profit of $130,000

4. Ronnie & Georgia - Did not sell at auction and was instead passed in with hopes to negotiate a sale. It was then sold for $2,781,000 with a profit of $161,000

5. Hannah & Clint - sold for $2,615,000 with a profit of $95,000

Making the highest profit, Josh & Elyse were the WINNERS of The Block 2017, which means they took home an extra $100,000 prize money. 

Not bad for a couple in their 20s after a few months work!