Simone Says That She & Apollo "Never Ended It" After They Left Paradise


Simone Says That She & Apollo "Never Ended It" After They Left Paradise Network Ten

Last night, Simone and Apollo left Bachelor In Paradise after they decided that it just wasn't the right environment for their relationship to flourish.

They left after the rose ceremony and didn't tell anybody, so the next morning, everyone woke up asking where they were.


This morning, Apollo confirmed that he and Simone are no longer together, however, she says that they technically didn't brake up.

According to her, they never talked about breaking up at all!

She told Popsugar Australia this morning that after they left Paradise, she and Apollo would talk everyday and she even bought a one way ticket to the Gold Coast so she could spend more time with him!

"I went back to Melbourne and he went back to the Gold Coast. We Face-timed every single day, he sent me flowers, it was lovely . . . After some time I decided to buy a one-way ticket to the Gold Coast and stay there for a month, because I have family there.

"We just tried to make it work as best as we could there. I was there for a month and was only around the corner, but it was just too busy, I think. He was very busy with work and travelling a lot, and didn't have time to see each other a lot. We still speak now on the phone every single day, we're very good friends.

"We never ended it. We never had the chat where we went, OK, this isn't working. We've never done that, we've just continued to speak. It's really weird, it's really hard to explain. It's what you'd call a friendship, we've just never had an argument or anything like that, it's weird, I can't explain it."

That sounds a bit... vague, but it sounds like they're definitely not dating anymore.

The gang over at Game On Moles discussed the whole situation and to be honest, we still don't really understand how Bachelor In Paradise was supposed to work.


Were Simone and Apollo really supposed to build a strong relationship after coming into the show so late?

What made seven people decide to voluntarily leave the show this week?

Game On Moles dissected the entire thing and you can listen below:

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