Simone Has Opened Up About Her Hidden Illness On Social Media

She's had it for over a year...

Simone Has Opened Up About Her Hidden Illness On Social Media Image: Channel Ten

Simone Ormesher was one of the women on The Bachelor who definitely didn't get enough screen time.

Whilst Matty was busy worrying about Laura, Florence, and Elora, Simone sat patiently on the sidelines, waiting for her chance to show him what she's all about.

Unfortunately for her, after really putting herself out there on a group date, Simone was sent home and has now taken to Instagram to thank her fans for their support and discuss an internal battle.

The bachelorette explained that she was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome over a year ago and is still struggling to cope with it.


"I want to continue to be real and share something that I have been battling with for over a year now.

"I have PCOS, which is Polycystic ovary syndrome for those who don't know. 

"This means my hormones are constantly imbalanced which impacts my weight, my skin, my period makes me constantly bloated and consequently gives me really bad anxiety at times.

"In order to cope with my symptoms I make sure I maintain a well-balanced life I exercise regularly and I eat lots of good wholesome foods and surround myself with supportive people."


Many women suffer from PCOS and it can go undetected for many years as the symptoms aren't overly visible.

Simone explained that she still struggles with her PCOS and has asked her fans for advice to help her deal with the illness.

"If any of you deal with something similar I would love to hear how you cope with it as I know I struggle and am still struggling to this day."

Many fans have commented on the post sharing their own experiences with PCOS and sharing positive thoughts with the Bachelorette.

If you needed further proof of how amazing Simone actually is... it's right here.