Seven Year Switch’s Tallena & Brad Have Called It Quits

"I'd been sacrificing my own happiness"

Seven Year Switch’s Tallena & Brad Have Called It Quits

Image credit: Channel 7 / Seven Year Switch

After only 14 months of marriage, Seven Year Switch's Brad and Tallena have decided to call it a day. 

Opening up in an interview with New Idea, Tallena said that the whole experience of being on the show and life afterwards had left her "anxious and depressed". 

"I realised I'd been sacrificing my own happiness to make Brad happy, so in the end, I had to be selfish and put myself first," she said. 

The couple who said their vows in April of last year made a mutual decision to part ways after they realised that things weren't the same as they used to be. 

"It was a really hard conversation for us to have, but we both knew it wasn't working. We weren't getting what we wanted from one another anymore," she admitted. 

According to TallenaBrad hasn't been handling the breakup well, regardless of the fact that they came to a mutual decision to split. 

"Unfortunately, you can't control how someone else reacts and Brad didn't handle it very well, which was disappointing. But people behave in different ways when they're hurting, and I understand that."

We wish the both of them all the best during this tough time!