Sesame Street's Autistic Muppet Julia Finally Makes Her TV Debut

This is so important...

Sesame Street's Autistic Muppet Julia Finally Makes Her TV Debut

Image Credit: Sesame Street/ Sesame Workshop

It’s the moment we have all been waiting for! Our new favourite Muppet, Julia has finally appeared on Sesame Street!

Julia has appeared in the Muppet books and online for about two-years now and finally, today, she has made her TV debut.

The whole episode was dedicated to introducing Julia and creating awareness for autism.

The clips from the episode show Julia’s friends Elmo and Abby explaining to Big Bird how Julia is ‘different.’

It also shows them changing their games and activities to include her behaviour, as well as how to talk to Julia if she doesn’t response the first time.

They also point out how amazing at painting she is and that she is extremely creative.


At one part of the episode it shows Julia panicking when they heard an emergency siren and needs to have quiet time.

Of course her friends, Elmo and Abby are by her side the whole time.

The character of Julia was created with the help of autism organizations to promote acceptance and create awareness for all children across the world.

This is so important, we are so glad a character like Julia is finally on our screens.

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