Scotty Cam Explains Why So Many Teams Have Threatened To Leave 'The Block'

He's over it, isn't he?!

Scotty Cam Explains Why So Many Teams Have Threatened To Leave 'The Block' Channel Nine

This season of The Block has been extremely interesting, not only because the room designs have been absolutely amazing, but also because there's drama left, right and centre!

Two teams have already threatened to walk-out on the show and after the pool debacle, who knows what's around the corner?!

The show's host, Scotty Cam, called in to chat to the Hit Nwetwork's Heidi, Xavier and Ryan this morning and of course, while he was there, they just had to ask if the TV presenter was annoyed with so many contestants threatening to walk off the show this season.

Scotty said that although it can get annoying, that if there's something troubling the contestants, they usually support them whether or not they choose to stay.

"You've just got to say to them, forty-five thousand people applied to be where you are, and we've said that before.

"Get stuck into it, have a crack!"

Hayden and Sara were the first team to threaten to leave the show, but decided to stay and soon afterwards, Kerrie and Spence did the same.


Scotty explained that Spence was going through a hard time during filming and that the crew supported him through that whilst he contemplated leaving the show.

"Spence was going through some trouble earlier on in the show and we said 'look, if it's not for you mate, we're not saving people here we're just renovating, if it's not for you then head home!', it's no dramas.

"We gave him some help and looked after him, and then he ended up thriving in The Block."

Listen to the full interview to hear how Scotty helps the contestants through the harder times and lends a hand when he can:

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