Sarah From MAFS Was On Another Popular Reality TV Show 

She appeared with an ex-boyfriend

Sarah From MAFS Was On Another Popular Reality TV Show  Channel Nine

If you were watching last night’s premiere of Married At First Sight and thought one bride looked familiar, you’d be right! 

Last night, viewers watched Sarah Roza marry Telv Williams in a matchup Twitter went crazy for, fast becoming fan favourites.  

But we’ve actually seen Sarah on telly before. 

She and her now ex-boyfriend James actually competed in the 2012 series of The Amazing Race 

Image: Channel 7 

Sarah was painted as the divorced ‘cougar’ who had found love with a man nine years younger than her. 


e were just friends for a long time,” she told The Daily Telegraph in an interview at the time.

“He was wary of me having split up with my husband and didn't want to be the rebound guy. And I was still adjusting to being single.

“It was very intense, then we'd back off. We categorised ourselves as 'friends with benefits' for a while. We see ourselves as boyfriend and girlfriend now, but it's not as if we sat down and said, "OK, from now on, we're in a proper relationship."


The couple reportedly split a few months later. 



Last night, Sarah opened up about a previous relationship which saw her abandoned after falling pregnant with twins which she later miscarried. She did not identify who this former partner was.  


After one episode, things are thankfully looking up for Sarah. Check out this cute moment between her and Telv when they met at the altar!



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