Sansa's Necklace Just Gave Away A Major GOT Twist!

Did you notice it last night?

Sansa's Necklace Just Gave Away A Major GOT Twist!

Image credit: HBO


She's always been one of our Game of Thrones faves and now it seems as though the character with the most hidden messages in the final season is Sansa Stark.

In episode 2 of season 7 yesterday, Jon Snow takes off to go and catch up with the Mother Of Dragons (naturally) and he *GASP* leaves Sansa in charge while he's gone.

While normally we'd be like YAY!... this time we can't help but think Little Finger is lurking in the background for more than one reason.

Since it was pointed out to us last week that Sansa has been rocking some pre 'SHAME' Cersei style hairdos (possibly hinting she's #teamcersei), we couldn't help but notice that AGAIN this week, some part of Sansa's outfit has given away what's in store for her.

Remember back when she dyed her hair and became 'dark Sansa' and had to basically do whatever Little Finger told her to survive?

She appeared wearing this lovely bit of bling.

Then in episode 2, just as she's about to take over as stand in ruler of the North, she pops up with this cute little necklace.

Look familiar?

As it's been pointed out before, Sansa's outfits ALWAYS reflect who she is admiring/aligning herself with. So does this mean she is now going to a) listen to that rat Little Finger OR is she about to follow her own agenda? 

Or, is she just a fan of pretty round necklaces?

Well, what we do know is sh*t is about to go down for Sansa, so stay tuned...