Sam Is Allegedly The One Who Proposes On Bachelor In Paradise & We're Not Even Mad

Sam & Tara forever!

Sam Is Allegedly The One Who Proposes On Bachelor In Paradise & We're Not Even Mad Network Ten

Unless there's another surprise coming, all of the contestants have now set foot in Fiji for Bachelor In Paradise, so this means, we're getting closer to that proposal that was promised to us before the series began!

Most fans thought that it would be Jarrod who would pop the question and last week, Apollo sent viewers into a frenzy when he said that he would be willing to propose if he found the right person on the show...

The thing is though, it's most likely going to be Sam.

An 'insider' has told Woman's Day this morning that Sam proposes to Tara at the end of the show's first season because... do we even have to explain why?


"They are in love and it's completely genuine. They didn't argue once in Paradise – it's as if they were destined to be together!"

Apparently, Sam was so determined to make his proposal special that he asked the other guys on the show to propose after the cameras stop rolling if they wanted to do the same thing for their special partners...

"He told the other boys they'd better not propose to anyone 
as he didn't want anything to ruin his and Tara's moment."


According to the 'insider', Sam has already moved into Tara's apartment and fans are now speculating that it's his voice that you can hear during the proposal promo that aired way back in February!  

We're not so sure that it's Sam's voice but to be honest, we wouldn't be surprised!

Sam and Tara's romance has blossomed on the show and it would be devastating if they broke up...


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