Sam Cochrane Is Donating Tara’s Engagement Ring To Charity

"It’s now time to move forward"

Sam Cochrane Is Donating Tara’s Engagement Ring To Charity  Network Ten

Bachelor in Paradise star Sam Cochrane is currently going through a very public breakup after he and fiancée Tara Pavlovic announced they had split.

Last night, Sam confirmed all assumptions that he is really feeling the heartbreak right now, posting a message to his Instagram about how he will be putting Tara’s engagement ring up for auction with all proceeds going to charity.

Sam said the decision came after receiving so much support from family, friends and fans. He was inspired to turn something so sad "into something positive."   

Take a look: 


"The last time I held this ring there was so much electricity and hope in the air. I remember holding it and believing that I was doing something important and something that mattered. That something was love. After allowing time to pass and the things I’ve discovered I can see that those moments weren’t destined to last.

"However the overwhelming support and love I have received from you all took my breath away. Your words of encouragement and strength have been so special to me. Reading the extremely personal messages of struggles that many people have shared with me, told me it’s time to turn this into something positive.

"I have decided to donate this beautiful ring to charity. This will go to auction for a charity that I believe in.

"It’s time to move on and having the beauty sit in a box, when it could be be doing good for others in need. This is really important to me.

"Thank you all for your words. They have been beautiful and I’ve seen them. I needed some time to breathe it all in, and understand it all, but It’s now time to move forward and look to the future.

"Thank you all, and I wish everyone happiness and love.

"One step at a time ✨💫❤️"

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