Sam Believes A Bachelor In Paradise Cast Member Leaked Information To The Media

Who's the snitch?!

Sam Believes A Bachelor In Paradise Cast Member Leaked Information To The Media Network Ten

As always, there were a lot of rumours flying around whilst Bachelor In Paradise was still on our TV screens. 

With a bit of weird editing, we always saw the drama that went on in Fiji, but we never saw too many couples have a good time together, except on dates which were mainly awkward AF.

So, with all of that mystery surrounding Bachie life, there were a lot of rumours about what was going on behind the scenes and Sam Cochrane, aka Tara's husband-to-be, says that a lot of those rumours began because a cast member on the show leaked information to the media!


Whilst speaking to Pedestrian yesterday, Sam explained that the cast members all have a group chat (because they're best friends) and someone in that group chat was telling the media about everything that was being said!

"We’re all in touch, but I don’t know. It’s really hard. There were leaks of information getting leaked out.

"Someone, I don’t know who, but someone was capitalising off our information, or other people’s information, so that made it a bit difficult. And the media – not you guys, I like you guys – but some of the more trashy magazines, I think they’ve already lost most of their credibility, but yeah.

"Look, I went through the crash course with Bachelorette, so I don’t fall for any of the sh** now."


So this means three things: The Bachelor In Paradise gang are still pretty solid.

That one of them, however, is a bit of a snitch and finally, that some of those outrageous rumours about the behind-the-scenes goings on during the show, were actually true!

Sam didn't reveal which pieces of information were leaked to the media, because he obviously values the group chat, but there are a few rumours we could see potentially being true.

Which pieces do you think were leaked from the group chat?


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