Sam Armytage Takes On Driver Who Was Booked For Driving Too Slow In The Right Lane

There is never a dull moment on Sunrise…

Sam Armytage Takes On Driver Who Was Booked For Driving Too Slow In The Right Lane

Image  Credit: Channel Seven

This morning, Sunrise host, Samantha Armytage had a bit of a heated conversation with a woman who went viral after she was booked for driving too slow in the right hand lane.

Earlier this week, Lena Kasparian posted a rant on Facebook after she was given a speeding fine in NSW, the video soon went viral and she received a lot of backlash for her claims.

The post and her account has since been deleted.

This morning, Lena appeared on Sunrise to tell her side of the story and things didn’t exactly go to plan.


and Kochie were pretty shocked to hear that Lena didn’t believe she had gone against the law, and that she shouldn’t have been booked for driving too slowly.

In the video Lena rants, “There’s absolutely no sign telling me that I have to take over or I have to drive in the right lane, Absolutely disgusting behaviour by police in NSW, I’m going to report him.”


Safe to say that Sam just wasn’t impressed, and she quickly bit back with, “It is a basic road rule that if you want to go slower than the speed zone you go in the left hand – everybody knows this."

Adding, “It’s a basic rule you need to pass your driving license.”

Lena tried to defend her argument, but Sam wasn’t having it at ALL.


Sam said, “I drive a lot and I find people who drive slowly in the right hand lane cause more impatience for drivers than people who speed.”

“It’s actually quite dangerous.”

They go back and forward for quite some time and Lena just wasn’t getting the support she was after…

Watch the video here!

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