Sacha Baron Cohen Has A New TV Show On The Way & It's Almost Done!

A year in the making!

Sacha Baron Cohen Has A New TV Show On The Way & It's Almost Done! abc America

Sacha Baron Cohen, the man who has created some of the most infamous film characters of the last century, has got a TV show in the works.

The actor is reportedly in talks with Showtime to release a new show called Who Is America?, a show that Sacha has actually been working on for over a year.

A teaser trailer for the show has been posted on Twitter earlier today, showing US Vice President Dick Cheney autographing a torture device.


Earlier this week, Sacha also posted a video on Twitter about this feud with US President Donald Trump.

Trump has disliked the actor ever since he interviewed him as Ali G on his TV show, Da Ali G Show, in the early 2000's and last week, he took to twitter to publicly slam Sacha... so Sacha made a video about it.


Showtime has described Who Is America? as "perhaps the most dangerous show in the history of television", with Sacha's new character being the most “shameless,” “unhinged,” and “cold-blooded" character he's ever created.

Who Is America? is reportedly premiering in the US later this month.

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