Ryan Says Bachie In Paradise Producers Wanted To Cast Him Even Though He Has A Girlfriend

This seems odd...

Ryan Says Bachie In Paradise Producers Wanted To Cast Him Even Though He Has A Girlfriend Channel Ten

Last week, Bachelor In Paradise Australia received it's first slice of drama when Brett, who you may remember from Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette, was accused of going onto Bachelor In Paradise, despite having a girlfriend.

It was a big thing, but all you really need to know is:

1. He was supposed to go on the show with his girlfriend Stephanie, from Matty J's season of The Bachelor, after they were both approached to star on the show before he landed in Fiji first and her contract was ripped up.

2. He made Tara cry.

It was a big kerfuffle and after he was sent home by the other girls, Brett had a right go at the Bachelor In Paradise producers on Instagram, saying that they were "putting production over humanity".


Now, Ryan (who you also might recognise from Sophie Monk's season of The Bachelorette), has come out saying that the producers of Bachelor In Paradise did a similar thing to him!

He told The Daily Mail that Brett didn't deserve the hand he was dealt and that he was asked to join the cast, even though the producers were supposedly aware he had a girlfriend.

"I spoke to him straight after it happened. It was a total stitch up. They knew all along and had even presented her with a contract.

"They also approached me to go, but I said I was in a relationship. To which I was told ok, you don’t have to hook up with anyone, it’s more like a Bachelorette meets Survivor."


Okay, so it looks like there is definitely something fishy going on in the Bachelor In Paradise camp.

If they said this to Ryan, could they have also said this to Brett?

Did they even say this at all?!

Watch this space...

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