Ryan Absolutely Slammed Davina On 'MAFS' Tonight & Australia Loved It!

"I didn't want a fake girl..."

Ryan Absolutely Slammed Davina On 'MAFS' Tonight & Australia Loved It! Channel Nine

Homestay week continues and well, for some couples things have been getting better but for others... not so much.

Sarah and Telv are so loved up that he let her re-decorate his house, Nassar and Gabrielle are really starting to bond and John is impressing Mel with his cruisey lifestyle.


Unfortunately, we can't say the same for everyone else.

Ashley is STILL concerned about Troy obsessing over his appearance.

She even complained about it in front of his friends during breakfast! 


Things didn't really seem to get any better from there with Ashley calling her parents in tears.

But that wasn't the most dramatic thing that happened tonight...

Davina has decided to try her hardest to win back Ryan and is schmoozing his parents like CRAZY!

Ryan doesn't seem to be responding to her advances much at all, most likely because he's still pretty annoyed about the fact that she was willing to leave him for Dean without really giving their marriage a shot.

Which is understandable, to be honest.

Speaking of Dean, he revealed that he hasn't told his family about what he's done with Davina and Tracey is really questioning why she's still with him after everything has happened.

She wants Dean's family's perspective on what's gone on and well... that'll be interesting... won't it?!

Dean was a bit trepidatious about telling his family about what happened so Tracey happily filled them in and well, both of his siblings weren't happy.

His brother said that he was very surprised and concerned about what happened and his sister, reassured Tracey that Dean is better than that and he really seems to like her.

Ryan didn't want to bring up the Davina/Dean issue with his parents, but the fact that she now wants to stay is scaring him, so he talked it out with his Dad and said:

"I didn't want a fake girl... and I got the fakest one in Brisbane!"

Australia was DEFINITELY happy with that reaction!


Ryan and Davina then went and met up with a few of his friends and she now thinks that she misjudged him and told his friends that they were "literally best mates".

"I shouldn't have judged him.

"I feel like I have more clarity now, especially seeing how other people look at him and appreciate him."

Davina believes she's seen a completely different side of Ryan and she did acknowledge that she betrayed his trust, but she still wants to try and figure everything out.

They had a serious chat and she asked him "where are you at" and Ryan said, "I'm one hundred percent leaving".

Ryan explained that he thought they had a good week and she ruined it by going after Dean.

"You're only talking to me now because Dean's not talking to you."

He walked away saying, "I'm done" but Davina said that she's "not going to give up that easily".

It looks like the Davina/Dean partnership has been thrown out the window now!

But she's going to work REALLY hard to make it up to Ryan, seriously, have you SEEN the previews for tomorrow?!

S*&^'s about to go down!

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