Roula From 'MKR' Says She Would Love A Spot On 'Home And Away'

She's up for anything!

Roula From 'MKR' Says She Would Love A Spot On 'Home And Away' Channel Seven

After being eliminated on My Kitchen Rules, Roula has said that she's eyeing off a career in TV and is ready for anything!

Whilst speaking to TV Week, the controversial contestant says that she'd love a role on classic Aussie soap, Home And Away because she's "bikini-ready"!

"I go to the gym every day. I'm bikini ready.

"I don't know about my acting skills, but if that opportunity came up, I would hand-down 100 per cent be saying, 'Put me on'."

She said that she's also happy to be on another reality TV show, just not a show that involves cooking.

"I wouldn't do another food reality TV show, but I'd be more than happy to go in the jungle [on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!]. I'm not really a celebrity yet, but I'd like to be."


Or, if she could, Roula said she'd like a spot on a kids TV show like Totally Wild.

"Some sort of kids' show like Totally Wild. Totally Wild, Roula-style, minus any swearing."

Before going on My Kitchen Rules with her friend Rachel, Roula did a TV presenting course, saying that she would love to present her own show one day.

"I would absolutely love to get into some sort of TV presenting.

"Now, with all the confidence from MKR, and all the cameras and everything, I feel like I'm ready to start a new career."


What kind of TV show do you think Roula should be on?

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