Ronnie Is Officially The Biggest Villain On 'The Block'

The plot thickens...

Ronnie Is Officially The Biggest Villain On 'The Block' Image: Channel Nine

After being accused of stealing designs from a local interior company, Ronnie & Georgia received a bunch of criticism from fans and their fellow contestants on The Block.

After Georgia stood up for herself and the couple proved that they could, in fact, produce a winning room design without cheating, Ronnie went ahead and put a MAJOR target on his back.

On last night's episode of The Block, Ronnie got into a major disagreement with Sticks, Wombat and Josh.

The NSW and VIC teams were both accused of using power tools after hours, something Josh and Elyse were punished for in a previous challenge.


The teams were told to stop working an hour early as their punishment and also had to pay for a barbecue for the 70 workers on site out of their own budgets.


Not long after this, it was discovered that the noise complaints that fuelled the allegations came from inside The Block's work site instead of from the neighbours.

Sticks and Wombat immediately assumed Ronnie was behind the complaint and when they confronted him about the situation, he bit back at them saying, "I need to finish my room. 

"I don't have time for this b****ing!"


When the confrontation was discussed later Ronnie said that Sticks and Wombat were the ones who had gotten hostile.

"Sticks and Wombat got a little aggressive.

"It got pretty heated."

Josh and Elyse were quite angry that Ronnie had gotten them in trouble as well, but the team decided that there was no point in bringing it up.

"I couldn't be f****ed carrying on about it."

Ronnie had already declared that he hadn't forgiven Jason for accusing him and Georgia of stealing their kids room design... so it looks like he's surrounded by enemies right now.

The Block is clearly a lot more heated this year than it has ever been before...