Real Girl Recap: The Anticlimax, The Hockeyroo & The Girl Who Was S$%^ing Bricks

The Bachelor Australia: Episode 6

Real Girl Recap: The Anticlimax, The Hockeyroo & The Girl Who Was S$%^ing Bricks Image: Network Ten

Here we are again for another episode of The Bachelor

Last night we were left with a BIG cliffhanger and guess what...

The big cliffhanger wasn't really a cliffhanger.

It was a minuscule cliffhanger that could have probably been solved by Matty just not giving Sian a rose.



After all that, Tara was FINALLY picked for a single date and we got to see her in all of her bogan glory!

They first went for a bike ride and Tara screamed... a lot.

Then they settled down and made some pasta together where she got a liiiiiiiiittle touchy...

She got REALLY excited about Matty's behind and hey, I'm sure it's spectacular.


Matty then said,"I'm not a piece of meat!" 

Then why so many shirtless photos on Instagram Matty!

But you know, she got a kiss and a rose so it ended well!


Then there was the group date. 

We had Leah, Laura, Elora, Nat, Simone and a girl we haven't had the pleasure of meeting properly yet named Elise, heading on a group date with Matty that again, involved heights.

Simone wasn't happy because heights suck, let's be real.


Clearly, our Bachelor has a thing with heights, but does he know that his bachelorettes might not?

Poor Simone was REALLY freaking out and even though Matty said he didn't want to force her to do something she didn't want to do... she's ON THE BACHELOR

She's trying to impress him! Don't you think that puts a little bit of pressure on her?

Me thinks so.


Everybody else had jumped out of the plane before Matty finally goes over to Simone and sees her crying her eyes out.

She has a severe phobia of heights, of COURSE she's sh**ing bricks, but soon she decided that she'd be too embarrassed coming back on the plane so she crossed her arms and JUMPED!




Simone's courage landed her a bit of one-on-one time with Matty and it was quite adorable.

There were some weird faces during this date though that were... well... just weird...


But overall it was cute.

Back at the house, Elise felt like she wasn't getting enough Matty time either so she decided to pull HIM aside to give him something... a fishing game.

We did learn that Elise played hockey for Australia's Hockeyroos during this time which would have been helpful WEEKS AGO!


Michelle tried to go and steal Matty away for a chat as well but was a bit conflicted when the other girls told her to let him have time with the other girls.

Sharlene wasn't having any of it and was like "DUDE, FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO FLIRT!"

I'm paraphrasing but still, it's what she meant.

Then things skipped straight to the rose ceremony... which was weird because I don't remember seeing how the whole Michelle thing turned out but whatevs...

The roses were handed out and tonight, we made it to the end of the ceremony without a "to be continued..." sign.


Unfortunately, tonight we said goodbye to Nat who really hadn't had ANY one-on-one time with Matty at all.

But hey, that's The Bachelor for you.