Real Girl Recap: PUPPIES... Oh, And A Dramatic Rose Ceremony

The bromance is over.

Real Girl Recap: PUPPIES... Oh, And A Dramatic Rose Ceremony Network Ten

It’s the second episode of The Bachelorette of the week and if the promos are anything to go by, we are going to get a very dramatic rose ceremony and a boat might crash killing half the cast. Hopefully, that doesn’t happen.

Now that Luke is gone, Sam seems to think he is the frontrunner… orrite, and Blake is dying for a single date.

Oh, and would you look at that, it’s single date time and Apollo has been picked!   


So yeah, pretty happy he got a second date, go Soph!

He’s wearing a nice guy cardigan and Sophie is wearing this bedazzled denim jacket - all good things.

So what does our bachelorette have in store for Apollo?

“I thought we’d just play with puppies” - Sophie your dates are WAY better than Matty J’s!




Sophie has just revealed she has a new puppy called Rupert. That needs to be noted. 

They take part in Couple’s Doga (dog-yoga) and it’s as ridiculous as it sounds. They know it and can’t stop laughing.


They retire to a classic Bachie couch under a lit up gazebo and eat marshmallows when Sophie tells us she’s nervous Apollo will be just like all the other entertainers she’s dated who end up trying to compete with her for the spotlight.

Don’t worry, Soph! Apollo says he is a magician because he loves it and isn’t interested in competing with anyone!

They bond over how they are being performers and were strange method actors as children who would pretend to be fairies all day.

After Apollo says “today was awesome!” Sophie replies “Yeah wasn’t it weird?!” - something Matty never even admitted about his hand clay date.

They kiss!


Cut to the group date and the boys have a sailing race. Look how happy James is about it!


Jarrod get’s super competitive and does all the work for the red team while Blake massages Sophie’s shoulders and does nothing. The blue team, however, are relaxed and are having a great boat ride. Wait, isn’t this where they are supposed to almost crash?

They don’t almost crash at all.

With both teams winning one race each, Sophie chooses to spend extra time with Blake even though he did nothing! Props to you, Blake! #inspired.

They chat on a boat (seriously, Bachie producers love boats) and Blake shows Sophie his vulnerable side, making the plus icon appear at the top of her head like a Sim.


Okay, I went and grabbed more snacks and have returned to see that Sam has now been chosen for a date!

This is not going well for Sam. They ride in a stretch hummer to a little park where they play games. Seriously, is Sam 12?

Wait, listening to him speak, he really is highlighting how young he is.

Sam talks about his aspiring career as an actor/music producer a little bit too much and he says he wants to “share his magic, dusty stuff” with someone. He doesn’t get a rose. He’s so leaving tonight.


Fast forward to the cocktail party and Jarrod is back with some great news!

His ‘circle of love’ plant is starting to grow! I swear, we know more about the development of this plant than anything else on this season.

Meanwhile, Blake and Sam confess their love for each other and kiss (probably).

Rose Ceremony time!

Omg, the boys called out so far have been asked to leave the rose ceremony room!!


Channel Ten is bleeping out many swear words!

Only Blake, A.J. and Sam are left rose-less!

A.J. doesn’t receive a rose and leaves :(

Sophie walks up to Sam and Blake and asks if she knows the real Sam. He says yes but he would like for them to get to know each other better. I think. I don’t know I kind of stopped listening thinking about what the guys were doing outside.

Blake says he’s fallen for Sophie and would take a bullet for her - woah, he’s really selling it.

What is going to happen?!?!?

Blake gets the final rose! Sam leaves, possibly even more upset to be parting from Blake.