Real Girl Recap: Four Girls Become Three & The Evictee Didn't Even Cry, ONYA GF

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Real Girl Recap: Four Girls Become Three & The Evictee Didn't Even Cry, ONYA GF Channel 10

Four girls left guys. Four girls left. If you haven't watched ANY episode, here's a brief summary: 


Any who, here's who's left: 

Laura - she's had the 'winner' storyline scripted for her from day dot.

Tara - the 'funny' one. She actually is funny guys. The token girl next door, down to earth, lovely awesome chick that i'm worried producers are scripting her like the scripted Nikki last season - we all thought she was gonna win and she was brutally dumped and our hearts broke. 

Florence - says it as it is, has a crazy cool accent, prob not gonna win.

Elise - the dark horse. 

So without further ado, here we go. Tonight is hometown visits!

There's an opening montage of Matty making tea or coffee and it's just WAY.TOO.LONG. Don't care producers.

First stop: The Gold Coast. And naturally, Tara's brought Matty to Movie World, her "Favourite place in Queensland". Tara I bloody love you girl. You're my fave bogan ever. 


She takes him to meet her family and the kids are soooooo cute. And the house looks pretty sick as well. There's a nice deck. Like look at that landscaping guys, all about it. 

Her 3yo niece is like SO DO YOU GUYS LOVE EACH OTHER and well played gf. Well played. 


Look at her. She's like a mini Tara. So cute. 

Matty goes and talks to all the boys and Troy (brother) is so scripted it's almost a smart move by Channel 10, but TROY we see right through you mate. You're all tough and protective but come off it. This is Troy. 

Matty's sweating bullets. What about that backwards hat action. All about it. 


There's another bloke called Toddy and he's like SURELY mate you could have met a good woman without having to go on a reality TV show. Surely Toddy, that's a contradiction cause Tara's on the show as well? But fair enough. 


Matty tries to justify himself. Blah blah blah. 

Later, Matty and Tara are alone and he basically asks her in a nice way to tell him she loves him. BUT SHE CAN'T DO THAT because she's putting her heart on the line and they've known each other less that a month. She tells him she could easily fall for him.

He leaves and she cries because she's scared of getting hurt. 

Someone's going to get hurt gf. I hope it's not you, but I have a feeling it might be you.


This tweet below is all of us


Next hometown date is with Florence. She's organised a bike-riding date. No offence Florence, but Movie World is so much cooler, like just saying. They have a picnic near a windmill cause she's like it's really Dutch.

Florence tells him that he'll be meeting her friends. He's surprised her family haven't flown all the way from Holland to meet him. Like geesus Matty. Are you serious? 


She introduces him to her friends and he feels like an awkward third wheel - she tells him to stop holding her hand and he starts to cry and storms out. 

Not really, but he's pretty cut. 


Florence, you gonna go go home gurl. You let go of his hand. It's OVER.


Marlie (friend) starts asking the tough questions like WHY DID YOU COME ON A SHOW TO FALL IN LOVE. Ummmmm your girl Florence came on the same show honey. 


Side note, but the music has been so ominous during their chat. Ominous music means one thing - she's going home. Flo, it's been great gf, but you're gonna go home. 

Flo admits to her friend that she thinks she's falling in love with him... :( 

Poor Flo. 


Matty admits to camera he's not sure of a future because she may decide to go back to Holland. 


Next, he meets with Elise! 

Elise thus far has been a bit of a dark horse. She'll be top 3, but she'll be voted out next after Flo. 

Elise is lovely. Like she's nice. But snooze. No offence honey, but snooze. 

Meanwhile this tweet: 


Matty meets her family and they seem nice but Elise's mum is like on him like a rash. She tells him she doesn't trust him. Fair enough. He goes and helps her in the kitchen while she's having a cheeky wine. 


Elise's family seem genuinely beautiful though. So I feel a bit sorry for Elise, cause I don't think she's gonna win either. 

I'm kinda dreading the rose ceremony guys. There's gonna be tears. 

HOW LONG IS THIS EPISODE. Need some Nutella, brb.


Next we go to Sydney to see Laura! She has a three-legged rescue dog called Buster and I LOVE HIM. She's like if Matty can't get along with Buster it's over. Fair enough gf. 


Honestly this dog is the highlight of the entire episode. 



Laura literally introduces him to EVERYONE. Parentals. Grandparentals. Sister. The dog. Like everyone. 


Laura's sister asks the hard questions. She's like is Laura the one? And Matty's like look I don't know. HE DOESN'T KNOW. Mate, that was harsh. 


He makes up for it, he's like there's the potential to fall in love with Laura blah blah and the feelings are there blah blah and this episode is super long.

"I hope that you know how much it means to me to bring you here, to meet my family... It's because I want this. I really want this" she tells him.

Matty wants more he says in a candid piece to camera. 

"Are you 100% certain?" he asks. She retaliates with the same question, and neither of them can answer. 

I actually legit think he really loves her. Totally loves her. Could be wrong, but she could win. 

Cocktail party time and this is intense. 

Did I mention that everyone's blonde? Or like bronde? Just an observation.

The girls look BANGING tonight. So so pretty. 

In what seemed like the LONGEST rose ceremony ever, Florence goes home. Not one single tear. Go girl. 

Go live your life honey. You have a pretty accent and pretty hair. 

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