Our FAVE ‘Scrubs’ Characters Reunited & We Have Never Felt So Old

There's talks of a REBOOT

Our FAVE ‘Scrubs’ Characters Reunited & We Have Never Felt So Old Twitter @ Zach Braff

Scrubs, the hilarious sitcom that brought together some of the best characters in TV history, came to an end eight years ago, leaving us all in an emotional wreck. 

However, this weekend, the cast reunited to shoot nostalgia through our veins and make us all feel very, very old. 


Along with creator Bill Lawrence, the cast appeared together at the Vulture Festival to talk about the show and any possibilities of a reboot!

According to The Hollywood Reported, Bill said, “I would do anything to get to work with not only this group [but the entire crew]… it was the best time in my life. 

“[But] sometimes reboots — not all the time — feel like a money grab.

“If we ever do it, we’ll do it as a short little movie or something else.

“I think the problem from me is I would just want to see where everyone is. I would want to see where their marriages are [as opposed to a huge event].”

So, a short film would be the way a reboot would go, IF it ever eventuated. 

But, while Bill wasn’t a fan of a reboot, Zach Braff, who played J.D., posted a group pic to social media with the caption, “Season 10?”



Someone make this happen. 

Please and thank you. 



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