Osher’s AWKWARD Apology To Elise For Keeping Heartbreaking Secret

Nno hard feelings?

Osher’s AWKWARD Apology To Elise For Keeping Heartbreaking Secret Channel Ten

Matty J proclaimed his love for Laura Byrne on the finale of The Bachelor last night, but while we’re all super happy for them… we’re also down in the dumps that Elise was left heartbroken.

But of course, some of the crew already knew Elise was going to have an achy breaky heart... and Osher was one of them! 

In an interview with our very own Stav, Abby & Matt with Osher, Osher revealed how he knew Matty’s choice before Elise even stepped off the boat. 

“I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you when you got off the boat. I knew,” Osher hesitantly revealed to Elise.


“Osher! You’re a good liar… Couldn’t you have just given me the heads up and sent me away?” Elise shot back in good humour. 

Osher, ever so sorry, replied, “I would have sent you back to the hotel with a $200 room service voucher and a foot rub, but… I’m sorry…”

“Oh, liar, liar!” Elise joked. 


Elise also revealed that there were moments she wanted to leave as she was “fed up with it all” and knew his heart was set on another. 

“He asked me to open my heart and be there, and I did. But unfortunately my worst fears came to fruition."

You can listen to the full interview HERE!


We know Elise will find love and that guy better treat her like the gosh darn princess she is!!!