Osher Gunsberg Has Finally Received The International Acclaim He Deserves

Joel McHale knows what's up!

Osher Gunsberg Has Finally Received The International Acclaim He Deserves Netflix

Here in Australia, Osher Gunsberg is a national icon because we've watched him blossom on television for years and years.

Trying to tell one of your international friends about our love for Osher can be a bit difficult, but now, at least our American friends know who he is because he's finally received the international praise he deserves.

Actor and comedian Joel McHale (who you may remember from the show Community), currently has his own TV show on Netflix called The Joel Mchale Show, where he does what we all do on a nightly basis.

He makes fun of reality TV shows.

On the show, Joel has his own International Corner, where he talks about the highlights of a few reality TV shows that aren't made in the US.

In his most recent episode, Joel decided to have a look at our version of Bachelor In Paradise and instead of talking about Brett's girlfriend, Blake forgetting Laurina's name and everyone's love for Ali, he instead decided to focus on the one person who truly matters.


On the show, Joel showed a clip of everyone getting excited about Osher's arrival because we all know when Osher arrives, s***'s gonna get serious.


Osher saw the clip and naturally, he freaked out.


Now, if anyone in America even thinks about poaching Osher for one of their reality TV shows, they're going to have to get through us first!

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