Operation ‘Get Florence & Davey Together’ Is Currently Underway

Waiting for their announcement...

Operation ‘Get Florence & Davey Together’ Is Currently Underway Network Ten

Last night, Australia said goodbye to feisty Florence after Jake chose to give his rose to newcomer Megan.

It was no shock that Florence and Jake didn’t end up together after watching their tumultuous non-relationship unfold.

He lied to her a bunch of times, she threw champagne in his face, a sound effect of glass breaking was played, and the whole time everyone knew she wished she had given her rose to Davey Lloyd at the first ceremony.

Yes, Davey & Flo hit it off Day 1 and the only reason she didn’t give the handsome Sydneysider her rose, was because he chose to take Leah on a date like 5 seconds after asking Florence to choose him over Jake. 

So, look, they both stuffed up, but, they both felt the consequences and (as far as we know) are now back home and single.


Look at this:


Then look at this:

Now look at this quote from Florence in a recent interview with Pop Sugar: 

"Davey and I have been catching up and are on speaking terms, so who knows what might happen down the road. But not now!" 

You guys, we have to make this happen.

I'm currently launching Operation Get Florence & Davey Together! Please leave any and all suggestions on our Facebook comments so we can form a plan. 

Thank you. 

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