Only Two Teams Actually Finished Their Rooms This Week On 'The Block'!

Are they just able to do it now?!

Only Two Teams Actually Finished Their Rooms This Week On 'The Block'! Channel Nine

There was a big hula-ba-loo when Jason and Sarah didn't finish their master bedroom, walk-in wardrobe and en-suite on The Block.

Scotty Cam was threatening to replace the couple with a brand new team if, by the next room reveal, they could finish the rooms they failed to complete whilst also building a kitchen from scratch.

This was a big ask but somehow, Jason and Sarah pulled it off and after pointing out a fault in Josh and Elyse's winning kitchen, scored themselves $10,000.


We thought all of this "not finishing rooms" nonsense was well and truly behind us but tonight, SO MANY TEAMS didn't finish their entrance hallway this week and it was pretty bad.

After already having a good scare, Jason and Sarah rushed their entry hallway and NAILED it!


Unfortunately, there was still some paint missing from their walls and the roof of their laundry.

Hannah and Clint had a similar issue, with skirting left unfinished and a key feature of their townhouse not making it to their entrance at all!


Surprisingly, Ronnie and Georgia weren't able to finish their rooms either with skirting left unpainted and a severe lack of storage in the laundry!


Josh and Elyse did quite well with their hallway and laundry but had points taken off them because they hadn't added an extra toilet.

Which they thought was pointless because they have so many toilets in their townhouse already!


So Sticks and Wombat, the two larrikins from NSW, somehow ended up being the only team during tonight's room reveals who got a good review AND the judges thought had finished their rooms!



So what went wrong with everyone's rooms?

Ronnie and Georgia put it down to lack of time as in "real life", no one could get so much done within 5 days.

Sticks and Wombat won the day with their new "feminine" hallway whilst the other teams were given a lot more work to do. 

Who's hallway did you like best?

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