One Of 'The Block' Judges Has Revealed Who They Think Will Win The Show!

Can you guess which couple it is?

One Of 'The Block' Judges Has Revealed Who They Think Will Win The Show! Channel Nine

We're getting SO CLOSE to The Block finale and we couldn't be happier about it because although we love watching the couples create our dream homes, this season has gone for quite a long time!

Every Sunday, the judges have been inspecting the homes to see which rooms appeal to them and what homes they think will sell.

Shaynna Blaze is one of the harsher judges on the show but it looks like she's already decided on who she thinks could take out the top prize on The Block this year!

The interior designer was on The Block Unblocked podcast earlier this week and said that while the competition is fierce, she thinks that... drumroll, please... Josh and Elyse will win the day!

"Josh and Elyse are the front runners without a doubt.

"Sometimes people come out really fast and hard and put all their big moves at the beginning, but Josh and Elyse have really settled into their style over time."


If we're being honest, we're not surprised that Shaynna is leaning towards the young couple because not only have they received the most points during the room reveals, they also seem to have found a balance between style and practicality in their home.

Shayanna also revealed that she thinks there is one couple who are definitely the "dark horse" of the competition and may rise up at the last minute.

Jason and Sarah have struggled to finish rooms during this season and seem to have rubbed a number of people the wrong way, including host Scotty Cam.


However, Shayanna still thinks they could pull everything together at the very end.

Who do you think will win this season of The Block?

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