One Married At First Sight Couple Reveal They Are Already Planning Kids!

Spoiler Alert!

One Married At First Sight Couple Reveal They Are Already Planning Kids! Channel Nine

Moods might be a little down today after watching all the heartbreak on last nights’ episode of Married At First Sight following the first commitment ceremonies.

But one couple is here to restore any faith you had in those love experts, revealing that not only are they still together, but are planning on starting a family!

Fan favourites Sarah Roza and Telv Williams have told NW magazine that they are already thinking about the future.

Already a father-of-two, Telv told the publication: "I've always said if I fall in love again, I’d definitely want more children and I definitely want to with Sarah.”

On day one, Sarah knew that Telv ticked all her boxes when her bridesmaids asked him if he wanted children one day.

"Telv told them, 'I'll have as many as Sarah wants' which was all I've ever wanted to hear."


Telv also shared the moment he knew the two were meant to be.

On the honeymoon, Sarah opened up to him about her double miscarriage, “I can still feel the heartbreak I felt then, but it brought us so much closer.

“She's been to hell and back and is such a beautiful person.”

The red-headed beauty said “he needed to understand I wasn't going to come without baggage. I'd been abandoned and rejected, and I still carry that with me every day. He just listened, held my hand and then gave me a big hug."

We can’t wait to watch their love grow on the show!


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