OH MY DAYS: ‘Love Island Australia’ Is Coming To Channel Nine!

Proper excited!

OH MY DAYS: ‘Love Island Australia’ Is Coming To Channel Nine! ITV

IT’S HAPPENING! I am shaking as I write this because this is the best news I can possibly imagine right now and I know how ridiculous that sounds.


Channel Nine, the cheeky buggers, have made all our dreams come true today as they have announced that they will be bringing the insanely popular UK series down under.


What is Love Island you ask?

WELL, Love Island is a dating show which sees a bunch of extremely hot young singles thrown into a tropical villa Big Brother-style where they must couple up with each other in an attempt to find love. BUT are they really in love or just friends? Or just in it for the prize money at the end? Only time will tell!

Throughout the series, intruders are constantly entering the house, challenging these brand new couples and changing things up! What if someone who is 100% their type on paper walks through the door? Or someone whose clothes they want to rip off?  Or maybe just someone proper muggy?

Honestly, the format is pretty sloppy, ‘islanders’ are sent home various ways; they can be voted off by their peers or by viewers and it can literally happen at any time.

They also literally wear bikinis 24/7. 

People who love Love Island, LOVE Love Island.


Casting is currently underway, so we urge everyone to apply here! This is a show you defs want to be on!

But the question lies, will we be introduced to anyone as iconic as Cash Hughes? Will we get a song like Little Bit Leave It out of it? Anyone as fashionable as Gabby and Montana? Anyone as sassy and fabulous as Olivia and Amber? Anyone as smart and ridiculously perfect as Camilla? Or a bromance like KEM AND CHRIS?


Probs not.

But we have faith some top blokes and sheilas will make for a great series!