Nina Explains Why Her Chat With Eden Last Night Offended Her More Than Anything Daniel Said

She still chat to Daniel...

Nina Explains Why Her Chat With Eden Last Night Offended Her More Than Anything Daniel Said Network Ten

Last night, Eden and Nina had a one on one chat about their relationship which seemed to be pretty strong ever since the pair arrived in Fiji.

Eden was thinking about giving his rose to Elora instead of Nina and to help make his decision, he needed to know whether or not he would be able to kiss her and feel a physical connection saying: "I want to be wanted, I want to be able to kiss you."

Nina had previously told him that she didn't want to kiss anyone until the very end of Bachelor In Paradise and explained that she wasn't going to change her mind.


She also said that she felt quite offended by him asking her to change her plans just so he could get physical with someone.

Eventually, Eden chose Elora over his flame and she was sent home.

Nina went on a date with Canadian Daniel when he was on the show and he allegedly told her that "I want to take that white dress off you".

Laurina was offended by many things that Daniel said to her, however, last night, Nina said that she missed the controversial contestant and wished that he was still on the show, which confused a lot of viewers.

This morning, Nina spoke with Pedestrian and explained why she felt Eden had offended her more than anything Daniel had said on the show.

"It wasn’t a question about Eden saying, 'Why won’t you kiss me?'. It was an ultimatum that he gave me: to get intimate or get sent home.

"And then being told that I’m selfish for having values for not wanting to get intimate. Whereas Daniel is someone who is quite sexual and he’s very open about it, but the second I told him those values it never once got mentioned again.

"He never tried to kiss me, he never commented on the fact that I wouldn’t be kissing everyone, he never made me feel uncomfortable about it, and up until that conversation, Eden hadn’t made me feel uncomfortable about it either, but to end up giving me an ultimatum and telling me that I’m selfish because I won’t get intimate is just really quite a disgusting thing to say to someone."


She said that her and Eden choose not to talk to each other because "it just gets really hard", however, she said that she got very emotional whilst watching last night's rose ceremony and actually spent the whole night crying on the phone to Daniel!

"I did say that I wanted to get in contact with him after Paradise, as I did say I wanted to get in contact with everyone who’d left, but of course they choose very carefully what goes to air. I did make contact with Daniel and we do talk all the time.

"I think between Daniel and I, that chemistry that we had in Paradise is still there, but at the end of the day we’re on other ends of the world. We did have a lot of of-camera time on our single date, that evacuation of that property actually turned quite serious and it took many many hours for us to get out of there, and all of that was off-camera time that we really got to know each other, and I got to see the real Daniel, as opposed to the show pony Daniel.

"He is so supportive. I have not been to sleep yet since last night’s episode because I’ve just been so upset and he’s the person who I’ve been on the phone to all night, with his support and his kind words, and just advice. 

"Obviously he’s been through it many times. He just has this really deep level of himself and we spoke about a lot of things, he really let me in about his dad, who unfortunately passed away four weeks ago. There’s just that really, really beautiful side of him that people don’t see. That’s what made it so hard, is I did get to see that side of him on our single date that no one else was exposed to."


Nina says that she still considers herself single, however, she does think that there's still some feelings between her and Daniel.

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