Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Does First Bachie Interview, Admits He's Never Seen The Show

This should be a lot of fun!

Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins Does First Bachie Interview, Admits He's Never Seen The Show Channel Ten

Bless the geniuses up above who decided to pick Nick 'Honey Badger' Cummins as Australia's next Bachelor!

There are so many reasons why he was the perfect choice for the reality TV show:

First, he's not you're typical Greek-god Bachelor who looks like he should be working as a model (even though he kind of does), instead he's a rugby player who'd rather have a sausage sizzle on the back of a ute than go for a fancy dinner in a Sydney high-rise.

Secondly, he's very down-to-earth and finally, he hasn't seen The Bachelor before!

Unlike Australia's most recent Bachelors, Matty J and Richie Strahan, who both became The Bachelor after failing to win over their dream girl on The Bachelorette, Channel Ten has picked a man who has no idea what goes on inside that fancy mansion!


Last night, Nick explained to The Project team that he chose to go on The Bachelor because he's hoping to have a "happy future with someone".

"They say you get three loves in life. The first one ya know, it cuts pretty deep and you’re not really sure if it’s infatuation or not.

"And the second one, it may be love but maybe you don’t really understand ‘cos you’re still young and inexperienced and the timings of your lives haven’t really hit the right connection, the right point.

"So I suppose, the third one which – who knows, I might actually find could be this one – where I’ve realised it’s not infatuation, the timing in both of our lives have come to this point and now we’ve connected and hopefully we press forward into a happy future."

So he believes in love!

When asked what he looks for in a woman, Nick said that he's mainly looking for a girl who gives off good "vibes", which makes so much sense!

"Well mate you can talk about hair colour and things like that and that’s all good for the eye but it doesn’t really last and you gotta go off vibes mate."

Now, if you're failing to understand half of what the Honey Badger is saying because of all of his Aussie-isms, don't fret, Nick said that if need be, he'll revert to normal English on the show.

"Yeah look mate, that’s the tough thing I mean I can throw a few things out there – gas bag and you know chin wags and yarns, spin-offs and all those words – fun things but when you get that confused look as if you a weirdo or?

"That’s when you know you gotta reign it in and start talking English again."

Let's just take a minute to appreciate this blessing of a Bachelor for a minute...



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