Nick Cummins Flees Australia Ahead Of The Bachelor Finale

He's outta here!

Nick Cummins Flees Australia Ahead Of The Bachelor Finale

The Bachelor finishes up this week, but Nick Cummins won’t be in Australia to soak in the limelight with his new found love.

Usually the Bachelor or Bachelorette and their chosen partner do a round of media interviews the morning after the finale airs to showcase their relationship to the nation.

But instead Nick jetted off on Monday morning to Papua New Guinea to trek the Kokoda Trail with Australian Kokoda Tours. According to the travel company’s official website, the tour lasts from 1 - 11 October.


Nick posted an Instagram story of himself on a plane, holding a copy of the book Kokoda by Peter FitzSimons.


A number of rumours have been flying around about the Bachelor finale, with gossip sleuths claiming that Nick is no longer dating his final choice. This certainly lends some weight to those theories, as it means Nick won't be around to take part in any interviews.

But at the same time, would someone really use something as significant and important as the Kokoda Trail just to ditch their reality TV commitments!? It seems unlikely!

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