New 'Charmed' Star Responds To Backlash Over The Reboot

She's the first to speak up.

New 'Charmed' Star Responds To Backlash Over The Reboot The CW

One of the stars of the Charmed reboot has spoken out about the recent backlash the show has received.

When the Charmed reboot was first announced, fans of the original series were angry that the original cast weren't going to appear in the new show and Holly Marie Combs, who played Piper Halliwell, slammed The CW for claiming that the reboot would be a "feminist" interpretation, insinuating that the first series, was not.

Holly has taken to Twitter many times to express her distaste for the reboot and also fought with the director, but now, one of the reboot's stars has spoken out about the backlash for the first time.

Sarah Jeffery, who plays Maggie Vera, the youngest of the new sisters, has taken to Twitter to "defend" herself and her new "sisters".



"I fully understand how dear the OG Charmed is to many. For very, very good reason. We are so beyond grateful to have the opportunity to bring this reboot to life and bring current, timely themes to the forefront of a show that stars not one, not two, but THREE WOC!!! We regard the foundation that was laid with great respect.

"But when my character is challenged, when there is futile yet harmful noise about how we are either incapable or doomed, I will vociferously defend myself and my sisters.

"The original Charmed will always stay very much intact and will always be widely respected. I invite you to come on this journey with us to discover more stories within the universe. I also respect your declination. But please, let’s show up for one another in favourable ways and be kind with our opinions.

"I know our show will have a positive effect on so many women, youth, and anyone who is receptive to being on the right side of history. Thank you, Sarah."

The new Charmed will premiere on The CW in spring, but there's no word about where Australians will be able to watch the show.

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