Netflix's Controversial Show 'Insatiable' Has A Second Season Coming

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Netflix's Controversial Show 'Insatiable' Has A Second Season Coming Netflix

Netflix’s new show, Insatiable, copped a LOT of flack when the first trailer was released, with the meaning of the show not coming across to viewers in the way it was intended. 

Despite requests for the show to be pulled from the service, many people have come around to like the show, realising it has nothing but the best of intentions in trying to expose the cruel behaviours of others in the world. 

Now, the show has been renewed for a second season and Netflix took to Twitter to share the news in a video from all your fave characters!


Some viewers still aren’t onboard with the show, but a series of this nature is always going to have such varied reactions. 

Season 2 will drop on the service in 2019. 


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