Netflix Releases New Show To Change TV Forever

Netflix are on a mission.

Netflix Releases New Show To Change TV Forever

Image Credit: Netflix.

Netflix has come under criticism for releasing a string of confronting and controversial projects recently, from 13 Reasons Why to To The Bone, but there’s no denying they are touching on important topics to help raise much needed awareness and to break societal taboos. 

Now, Netflix is set to release a new 8-episode series called Atypical, which will help to break some more barriers and change TV as we have known it. 

Atypical is a Netflix original series, following the life of a boy with autism spectrum disorder. 

The series follows Sam (Keir Gilchrist) as he journeys through school and life as a teen with autism. 

The show will help bring to light what it is like for those who live with autism and also how their friends and family navigate trying to help them. 




Robia Roshid, the show’s creator, spoke to USA Today and revealed that although the show cannot portray the life of every person with autism, they hope everyone with it will be able to unite under the common idea and story and that everyone will be able to learn from this. 




Robia was sure to consult with professors and professionals from universities and Autism Research and Treatment centres, in order to authentically represent autism and the lives of those living with such disorders. 

Despite the backlash Netflix has been facing, they are on a quest to make sure voices are given to these important and often shoved-under-the-rug issues.