Natasha From 'Love Island' Received Death Threats Following Erin & Eden's Split

She's being blamed.

Natasha From 'Love Island' Received Death Threats Following Erin & Eden's Split @tashacherie Instagram

Last night, everyone was shocked to find out that Eden and Erin, the runners up of Love Island Australia's first season, had split.

However, no one seemed to notice the death threats that their fellow contestant, Natasha Webster had been receiving whilst the whole thing went down.

Natasha defended herself on her Instagram earlier today after fans accused her of being the reason why Eden and Erin had broken up.

The rumours started after she posted a photo of herself with Eden at his birthday celebrations only days before the split was announced.


After receiving hateful, and downright scary comments from Love Island fans, Natasha took to her Instagram to clear the air... and drag some of the other Love Island contestants:

"This cute t-shirt says guilty but I am NOT GUILTY of breaking up my two closest friends from the villa.

"I just want to nip this in the bud now because some of the dm's I'm receiving are very distressing (death threats) and it is quite upsetting reading these disgusting hateful comments on mine and other people's posts from randoms blaming me for Eden's and Erin's break up.

"It has nothing to do with me and to be honest, I would have thought they would have done an Instagram story or post telling everyone to leave me out of it and call to see if I’m okay. I only found out that they had broken up when they posted online, so I was NOT lying when I said they were together. 

"Long story short... Most of the islanders confirmed they were attending Edens birthday party. I booked airfares to Sydney which is a 4/5 hour flight from my hometown. I booked 3 days off work and I'm self employed so I lose money if I don't work. I booked myself a nice hotel room after the other girls kind of excluded me and sorted themselves out. 

"Erin tells me at very short notice her mum is having an operation and is no longer attending the party or going to Sydney. On the day of travel I found out the other girls had bailed. So I spoke to Erin and she was wanting me to go. I was in two minds whether to go or not and that is why I put that post up. 

"I wanted to help celebrate my FRIENDS birthday and we hung out the next day AS FRIENDS! Especially considering I’m the only person to bother flying over for it and didn’t bail last minute, why not hang out the next day whilst I’m over in Sydney!? We did not hook up, we are not dating and it is really hurtful that people are accusing me of things I have not done.

"The timing of them announcing their break up has made it look like I was the one to blame, but I can honestly tell you I have absolutely nothing to do with it. 

"I am so genuine and so real! I didn’t go on the show for 'fame' and I haven’t been milking it, I don’t do anything for publicity. 
I really hope after reading this people will think of me as a good friend to have as I made a big effort to get there and people that live on that side of Australia didn't even show up!"


Erin and Eden haven't responded to Natasha's post.

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