Natasha Exelby Has Slammed The ABC During An Interview

Oh dear...

Natasha Exelby Has Slammed The ABC During An Interview

Image: ABC

Earlier this year, ABC24 newsreader Natasha Exelby went viral after she was caught daydreaming before leaping out of her chair once she realised she was back on-air.


Although many people thought the gaffe was a simple mistake, word soon spread saying the ABC had removed her from television reporting.

Journalists showed solidarity by posting their own on-air bloopers to social media and soon, the ABC released a statement denying that she had been removed from on-air duties.

Now, Natasha has spoken out against the ABC during an interview with the Sunday Telegraph.

The journalist kept quiet when her blooper spread across the internet and when asked why she didn't speak out herself she said:

"Even though they (the ABC) didn't do the right thing by me I wanted to do the right thing by them."

She also denied that the blooper was set up for publicity explaining that "if that was the case I think some people give me way too much credit."

The Sunday Telegraph have reported that Natasha is now working in "crisis management" and consulting with XLB Media.

We're glad to hear that she has landed on her feet.