More Proof Has Emerged That Cass WINS The Bachelor

Or is it just a coincidence?

More Proof Has Emerged That Cass WINS The Bachelor Network Ten

Over the last week, a LOT of Bachie drama has gone down, both on and off the show.

On the show, the bullying was taken to all new levels and the nation was taking a stand against it. 

Off the show, videos emerged showing Cass wearing a sparkly engagement ring, so of course we all jumped to the conclusion that she wins Nick’s heart. 

Now, another sighting is adding fuel to the fire of those rumours, at least in the eyes of fans. 

Mamamia pointed out that this weekend, Nick was having a great time at Dolce Terra Manly, posting his outing to Instagram Stories. 

Image: Instagram @ Nick Cummins

It also emerged that Cass was also there…

Image: Instagram @ Cassandra Wood

Okay, so they both live in Manly and could have coincidentally been there at the same time, having some grub at the popular food spot.

AND the stories are three hours apart, so maybe they weren’t there together at all. 

But maybe, just maybe, they’re pulling a Matty J and Laura and ‘coincidentally’ running into each other because they just can’t resist one another. 


If you live in Manly and were there on the weekend, let us know if you saw the duo!


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