MKR ‘Villains’ Kicked Out Of Dinner Are Telling Their Side Of The Story

"We didn’t do anything wrong"

MKR ‘Villains’ Kicked Out Of Dinner Are Telling Their Side Of The Story Channel Seven

Last night, My Kitchen Rules fans watched on as Sonya and Hadil were asked to leave dinner (and possibly the competition altogether) after their fighting with the other teams on the show became too intense and unacceptable.

When things go ‘too far’ on MKR you know it must be bad, because that show loves a good beef. So what do Sonya and Hadil have to say about all this? 

The feisty brunettes are now telling their side of the story, replying to the comments on their Instagram posts.


“12 to 14 hours of footage... majority of airtime is on us because they want to build us up for ratings which equal $$$$s to the network. I assure you people have acted a lot worst than us on the table, that isn’t been aired.

“Why do you think we are mentally ok with what this circus of a cooking show has created out of us? Because we know the truth and take comfort in that. We didn’t sign up give treated this way, nor are we going to tolerate it any further.

“We will both be happy when we’re off air because MKR have bullied us enough. Constantly targeting us because we were unfairly dismissed and the only way they could justify this was to make us look so bad!

“As for some of the other contestants who played up to the drama, they wanted us out because they knew we were the hardest team to take out in the competition. How convenient to get rid of the best cooks in the comp.”



Other replies read:

“To give up months of our lives and dedicate it to a cooking show, which was@nothing more than a circus and then to work so hard and put up some incredible dishes and then to have our hard earned credit striped from us just like that has been nothing but heartbreaking for us and our families who gave up their homes for us to do the show. What the network has done to us has been extremely disappointing and a complete nightmare.

“We’ve been extremely disappointed with our experience and treatment by the show. No one would have any idea what we’ve gone through. Imagine how we feel watching the episodes back when the episodes have been extremely tampered with (the amount of editing is insane). We own everything we’ve said and there will never ever be an apology from us with regards to our behaviour as we didn’t do anything wrong. People will see this one day, when we a given a chance to speak the truth. Until then, we have refused to talk to any Channel 7 media.

“How perfect for ratings to see 2 strong women who topped the leaderboard and then went on to receive 6 dishes of the day from the judges (which were stripped from us by not being aired) be kicked down and dragged through the mud by producers? The perfect recipe for MKR ratings!

“We are sorry that this is what MKR wanted to focus on, instead of all our kind, lighthearted, conversations. We regret signing up to a show that didn’t celebrate the cooking.”

What do you think about the way Sonya and Hadil were portrayed? Do you think it’s all editing? Let us know in our Facebook comments!

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