MKR Insider Claims Most Of Tonight's Fight Was Too "Hardcore" For TV

A team will be asked to leave...

MKR Insider Claims Most Of Tonight's Fight Was Too "Hardcore" For TV Channel 7

For weeks now, My Kitchen Rules has been teasing an explosive fight between Sonya, Hadil, Jess and Emma during Kim and Suong's instant restaurant and that one team would be asked to leave the show because of their behaviour.

There have been numerous teasers showing the explosive argument, but a MKR insider has said that there's A LOT more to the story.


The insider told that the teams were told to be on their best behaviour before the instant restaurant began, because they knew tensions were brewing, however, they were blatantly ignored.

"What happened on the day was that everyone was briefed about keeping their behaviour in check.

"But as soon as they arrived, buttons started getting pushed and it just kept getting worse and the night was ready to explode really. As the night went on, the fight got bigger and bigger and the producers, along with Pete and Manu, were in consultation going, ‘This is looking like it’s going above and beyond what’s acceptable.'"

As the night wore on, things seemed to get even worse and when Jess and Emma stormed out of the instant restaurant, the insider said that's when they knew they needed to step in.


Suong and Kim were even told to wait before serving their food because producers were worried the fight would come to blows.

"When one team storms out it’s very clear that everyone is very uncomfortable.

"Threats were made and it went too far. The words that were thrown out were quite vitriolic and it was time to do something. Pete and Manu certainly wanted to get involved ... It was spiralling out of control.

"I’ve worked on a lot of different reality shows and I’ve never seen anything quite like it."

The insider did reveal that the team asked to leave the table would be Sonya and Hadil and they hoped that this episode would be a warning to other teams who behave the way they did, as did Manu who told The Daily Telegraph that the friends tried to apologise to him over Facebook, but he wasn't interested.

"I really don’t care what their excuse was because there’s no excuse for this type of behaviour. I just hope we’ve sent a message to future contestants that that’s not the type of contestants we want in the show. We want cooks; don’t come for a catfight."


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