Michael Turnbull Slams Ali Oetjen Saying Grant Deserved Better

"You deserve better"

Michael Turnbull Slams Ali Oetjen Saying Grant Deserved Better Network Ten

Over the last couple of days, Grant has been very vocal about how he and Ali Oetjen split up when they left Bachelor In Paradise.

At first, Ali said that it was simply the distance that put strain on their relationship, but sh** hit the fan when Grant told New Idea that it wasn't as simple as that.

He told the magazine that Ali had cheated on him on his couch whilst he was letting his friends through the gate of the housing complex he lives in.

"The third or fourth day she got here, we went out and this night – when all this stuff happened – I had people over after going out to a club. I live in a gated community so I have to go down and let people in sometimes.

"So, I leave my house with my friend Sabrina, to go and grab my friends and bring them back upstairs, and when we walk back inside, we come up the stairs and she is hooking up with this dude."

Now, a lot of people said that Grant was just telling fibs to make sure he still has his name in magazines, however, Michael Turnbull has now reached out to Grant online, telling him that he deserved better than Ali.

Image: @michael.turnbull Instagram

"Sorry to hear how everything ended brother. You deserve better than that and the right girl will come along."

So does this mean it's true? 

Ali has not yet responded to Grant's comments...


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